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Many try to make a return on crypto by buying and selling crypto – also known as “trading.” This means an investor is prepared to purchase a cryptocurrency with the mindset that its price will hopefully rise significantly sometime in the future. And once the price rises, they sell the crypto to earn a profit. Traders have to keep up with the latest crypto market news and trends throughout this investment.

But not everyone has the time, energy, or expertise to sit on a computer and study crypto trends and price fluctuations 24/7. So, how do you trade crypto without the hassle? How can you generate profit while you sleep? How do you build an army of digital workers? The answer is simple: MyFunding.Network.

What is MyFunding.Network?

MyFunding.Network is a crypto bot trading platform. It contains cutting edge technology that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies through computerised algorithms and programs that automatically trade BNB to generate a profit.

How much profit can I earn on MyFunding.Network?

MyFunding.Network is one of the best crypto trading bots currently available, with 24/7 trading automatically. Users deposit BNB to get daily 1.5% returns.

The platform charges no fee. Users only pay 3% dev fees on deposits and gas fees on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) exchange.

Why Should I Use MyFunding.Network?

There are many reasons why AI trading bots are better than manual trading. The most significant advantage is that they work 24/7 without rest or sleep. Moreover, bots are more accurate and efficient, making quick trading decisions without missing any golden opportunity.

Finally, crypto trading bots are consistent and monotonous. They can help you generate a stable regular passive income on your crypto trading. They are easy to use, powerful, and safe.

Referral Rewards System

MyFunding.Network has a 5 level referral reward system:

  • 1 LVL: 5% Referral Rewards
  • 2 LVL: 3% Referral Rewards
  • 3 LVL: 2% Referral Rewards
  • 4 LVL: 1% Referral Rewards
  • 5 LVL: 0.5% Referral Rewards

Once users make a deposit on MyFunding.Network, they get a custom referral address to share with others. When a new user deposits using your personal referral link, the contract will instantly add 5% of the deposit made.

Is MyFunding.Network worth it?

Crypto enthusiasts can generate passive income from multiple ventures without being actively involved. All you need is to invest BNB in a reliable crypto investment platform and watch it generate profit. Some earnings are fixed and predictable, while others depend on various risk factors.

MyFunding.Network is one of the most lucrative platforms for generating BNB rewards. This smart contract-based dapp uses robust strategies and next-gen tech to ensure maximum returns. Plus, there’s no required minimum deposit amount, so that you can start with as low as possible!


The concept of crypto trading bots is relatively new but has already gained much traction. And! MyFunding.Network is one such AI bot for safe crypto trading!

Join the Telegram community for the latest updates and queries, or visit the website: https://myfunding.network/.


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