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MyFunding.Network has seen significant growth despite being less than a month old. The trading bot which offers the opportunity for crypto investors to generate a daily yield on their cryptocurrencies has been welcomed with open arms by the community.

Using AI-powered, next-gen technical analysis and trading strategies, the bot is able to generate highly profitable trades at an accelerated rate. Thereby ensuring that the community pool of funds keeps growing to ensure profit for all users.

Trading For The Future

Crypto trading can be a daunting endeavor even though it can be highly profitable when done right. The pain points for investors when it comes to investing in crypto have always been the fact that it is time-consuming and risky without proper strategies. This is why the MyFunding.Network has found popularity among the crypto community.

Since it is AI-powered, the bot is not burdened by normal human limitations. This means that it can run seamlessly without having to stop for rest or sleep. Furthermore, the trading bot completely takes emotions out of the trading process, allowing it to make unbiased decisions based entirely on market trends.

The strategies which MyFunding.Network runs are carefully curated by a team of crypto trading experts. These are time-tested strategies guaranteed to make a profit on all trades. With the profit generated, MyFunding.Network is able to pay a stable daily yield of 1.5% on all invested funds.

The platform also offers the option to make more income through its referral system. This way, users can earn BNB by sharing their referral link and earning a percentage of every investment made using their referral link.

Referrals are cut across five levels. Level 1 sees a user get a 5% bonus for every new user who uses their link. Level 2, 3, and 4 referrals attract 3%, 2%, and 1% bonus respectively. Lastly, level 5 referral bonuses are 0.5%.

How To Use MyFunding.Network

MyFunding.Network features a straightforward process when it comes to using the platform. Users simply need to have a web3 wallet that supports the BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain), which they can connect to the website to deposit their funds. Once connected, the users simply have to deposit BNB to the wallet and make a deposit. MyFunding.Network does not have a minimum investment amount, so they can deposit as little BNB as they wish.

The 1.5% daily return on investment will begin automatically accumulating once the deposit is confirmed, which is calculated every minute. There is no limit as to how long the user can leave their funds on the website.

Users can also choose to withdraw their initial investment but this is only available after 28 days of investing on the platform by clicking the ‘Withdraw Capital’ button. It is a transparent, simple to use, and highly profitable platform.

MyFunding.Network was developed by a group of blockchain technology experts known as Oreca Community. They are known in the crypto space for developing blockchain wallets, smart contracts, DApps, etc.

To learn more, visit https://myfunding.network/ or reach out to their Telegram channel.


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