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Crypto Competitions Membership Terms And Conditions

**Crypto Competitions Membership Terms and Conditions**


The entity represented by The Trustee For The Cannard Family Trust, operating under the name Crypto Competitions (ABN 55146279327), administers the Crypto Competitions platform, providing access to one-off and loyalty memberships that are subject to the stipulations outlined herein.


To enroll in a Crypto Competitions membership, you must be at least 18 years old.


By subscribing to a Crypto Competitions membership, you affirm your commitment to adhere to these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy, forming a legally binding agreement. It is imperative that you meticulously review these terms, conditions, and our Privacy Policy before procuring a Crypto Competitions membership to gain insight into the utilization of your personal information and procedures for opting out.

**One-Off Memberships**

One-off memberships offer temporary access to our services and the Crypto Competitions platform. Various one-off membership options exist, each bestowing unique advantages:

– Saver: $10, grants 48 hours of access to the Crypto Competitions partner database and access to 300,000 discounts.

– $25, provides 7 days’ access to 400,000 discounts.

– $50, provides 14 days’ access to 450,000 discounts.

– $99, provides 21 days’ access to 475,000 discounts.

– $160, provides 30 days’ access to 500,000 discounts

– $199, provides 30 days’ access to 500,000 discounts

– $250, provides 60 days’ access to 500,000 discounts

You can acquire multiple one-off memberships, accumulating access days to the Crypto Competitions partner database. Please note that the activation of one-off membership access days occurs after the cancellation of a loyalty membership.

**Entries into Promotional Draws**

Procuring a one-off membership through an official Crypto Competitions promotion link during a promotion period entitles you to entries as specified in that particular promotion. It is crucial to understand that a single purchase does not grant entries into multiple promotions; access to all member-only promotions necessitates a loyalty membership.

**Loyalty Memberships**

Loyalty memberships are recurring subscriptions to the Crypto Competitions platform, billed until voluntarily terminated by you or terminated in accordance with these terms. Three tiers of loyalty memberships are available:

– Saver: $10, offers 48 hours of access to the Crypto Competitions partner database, access to 300,000 discounts, and the accumulation of entries.

– Starter: $15, provides 7 days’ access to 400,000 discounts, coupled with the accumulation of entries.

– Chain: $29, furnishes 14 days’ access to 450,000 discounts, alongside the accumulation of entries.

– Gold: $49, extends 21 days’ access to 475,000 discounts, combined with the accumulation of entries.

– Premium: $69, guarantees 30 days’ access to 500,000 discounts, the accumulation of entries, and a $50 monthly site credit.

– Keep It 100: $100, promises 30 days’ access to 500,000 discounts, the accumulation of entries, and a $100 monthly site credit.

Partner discount terms are subject to change without prior notice.

**Loyalty Entries into Promotional Draws**

Loyalty members accumulate entries on a monthly basis, contingent upon their current membership tier. The calculation of entries considers your existing tier at the time of each promotion draw, accounting for any previous tier transitions.

**Membership Changes**

You may request upgrades or downgrades of your loyalty membership, with changes taking effect at the commencement of the subsequent billing cycle. Please note that mid-cycle downgrades do not warrant refunds.

**Membership Termination**

Cancellation of your membership can be initiated by following the provided instructions. Cancellations result in immediate termination without refunds. Be aware that cancellation does not remove you from our marketing database. To discontinue marketing communications, use the unsubscribe link or contact us at info@cryptocompetitions.

Repeated failed loyalty membership payments may lead to termination after multiple unsuccessful attempts. You may resubscribe within 30 days to retain prior benefits; otherwise, these benefits will not be carried over.

**Membership Sign-up Bonuses**

Sign-up bonuses, special offers, and free trial periods are subject to specific terms and conditions. Failure to cancel a free trial may result in automatic billing.

**Change of Details**

It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your personal information, including name, address, contact number, email address, or billing information. You can do this online at [website], by calling us at 1300 [phone number], or emailing us at info@cryptocompetitions.


While we uphold all legal obligations concerning goods and services under the Competition and Consumer Act (2010), our liability is limited, except where prohibited by law.

**General Terms and Conditions**

You are accountable for any tax implications arising from your use of the Crypto Competitions platform. We retain the right to exclude or suspend members for inappropriate behavior or breaches of the law. Assignment of rights under these terms is subject to our prior written consent. Certain terms persist following termination. All references to currency are in Australian dollars. We reserve the right to amend these terms with notice. We may discontinue offering memberships with reasonable notice. These terms are governed by the laws of NSW, Australia.