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Jupiter Project, an open-source software firm making blockchain accessible to everyone, has successfully launched its non-fungible token (NFTs) collection on ARC’s new NFT marketplace.

In a July 25 press release, Jupiter Project confirmed the successful launch of its non-fungible token(NFT) collection dubbed “JUP Apes” on the recently launched ARC($ARC) NFT marketplace. Jupiter has teamed up with ARC blockchain to launch the NFT project.

JUP Apes NFTs Explained

The joint team will launch a series of NFT collections and giveaways, including 1,000,000 JUP, the utility and governance token for the Jupiter project, JUP Apes, Astro Punks, and Electric Fractal Timber Art. The NFT project will feature a limited edition of 900 JUP Apes on the ARK NFT marketplace.

JUP Apes will be the official NFTs minted on the Jupiter Blockchain. These NFTs will give holders rights to control the governance of the JUP Ape project. While commenting about the NFT project, Steven Grove, the Founder of Jupiter Project, remarked:

“This launch of JUP Apes on ARC Marketplace is an exciting addition to the Jupiter ecosystem and our partnership with the ARC team and broader community. JUP Ape represents an upgrade to the legacy PFP collections by providing real utility, governance, and additional adoption of Jupiter and ARC across the greater crypto scene.”

About ARC NFT Marketplace

ARK is a digital art platform with lazy minting functionalities. The NFT marketplace allows the project and creator to mint only when an NFT sale occurs. This functionality reduces barriers to entry, giving creators and users low NFT minting costs.

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ARK NFT marketplace only charges 1% fees, approximately 75% less than other leading NFT platforms such as OpenSea and Ethereum. The NFT platform shares 50% of its revenues with users and creators, staking $ARC Token.

In 2022, ARC incentivized $ARC token holders more than 5 million $SCSG tokens. Meanwhile, TJ Dunham, the CEO of ARK, has expressed his excitement regarding the recent partnership with Jupiter Project, stating:

“This launch with JUP Apes is an exciting milestone in our partnership with the JUP blockchain and broader community. JUP Apes represents a welcome upgrade to the previous generation of PFP collections by providing real utility, governance, and benefits to its holders.”

In line with its vision, the Jupiter Project will leverage ARK NFT capabilities to make blockchain accessible and safe for everyone. It will use its elite encryption capabilities to power secure DApp on public and private networks.

Jupiter recently launched their secure Metis Messenger, a fully encrypted messaging application powered by a $JUP token. According to Groove, all funds raised through JUP Ape sales will go towards further development, with 90% moving to the JUP Apes project, LEDA market, and Jupiter Project.


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