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Elon Musk says he doesn’t like working out but needs to do it anyway — just days after the barrel-chested billionaire’s father criticized his son for “eating badly.” 

“I gotta work out and be in better shape,” Musk said. “I actually don’t really like working out, but I gotta do it.” 

Musk said that his current morning routine consists of waking up at 9 or 9:30 a.m., then looking at his phone. He called it a “terrible habit” and said he wants to work out instead. 

“I’m gonna switch from looking at my phone first thing when I wake up to working out for at least 20 minutes then looking at my phone,” Musk said in an episode of the Full Send podcast released late Thursday. 

The Tesla CEO’s candid comments came days after his father, eccentric South African engineer Errol Musk, said he was not proud of his son and wanted him to take diet pills to lose weight. 

Elon must got flak for his husky physique on a holiday in Mykonos.
Elon Musk got flak for his husky physique on a holiday in Mykonos.
Errol Musk
Errol Musk has publicly criticized his son, including for “eating badly.”
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“Elon is very well-built and he is very, very strongly built, but he’s been eating badly,” said Errol Musk, a 79-year-old South African engineer who recently admitted to fathering a child with his stepdaughter

The elder Musk said he had recommended his son take a weight loss pill called garcinia cambogia, which he claimed has helped him shed a few pounds.

Errol Musk’s comments came after photos published in July showed his 50-year-old son frolicking shirtless in Greece with Hollywood super agent Ari Emanuel

Elon Musk initially took comments about the pictures in stride, joking, “Haha damn, maybe I should take off my shirt more often … free the nip!!”

Additional reporting by Snejana Farberov


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