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 Many interesting ideas have come to reality, thanks to blockchain technology’s widespread use over the last decade. As the technology improves, we should expect to see more blockchain-based businesses sprout up across a wide range of sectors and demographics.

The blockchain lottery platform Lucky Block, however, is one of the most interesting initiatives to debut this year and has generated an extraordinary buzz among investors and the mainstream media.

Read ahead as we let you know about the Lucky Block platform and more specifically, the Lucky Block Crypto and NFT Prize Draw that is scheduled to be held on 31st May.

What is Lucky Block?

LuckyBlock is a crypto game that gives participants a chance to win $2.2 million in prizes every day. Those who link their wallets to Lucky Block receive a free entry into the lottery, and each additional ticket costs $5.

Is LuckyBlock NFT worth buying

LuckyBlock NFT Details on the official website

This game reduces draw durations and allows numerous drawings each day, allowing more participants to win while cutting the cost of playing the game. With low-margin operations, players may participate in gaming items that match their risk tolerance for improved chances.

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Your capital is at risk.

Lucky Block Crypto Prize Draw

Free jackpot prize drawings will begin this month on the Lucky Block crypto gaming platform. There has never been a prize draw that rewards token holders and do charity at the same time. Reward token holders must vote for the organisations they wish to see get a portion of the jackpot in order to earn their reward.

Lucky Block LBLOCK crypto coins may be used to purchase $5 worth of entry tickets. LBLOCK token holders who link their wallets to the app every day will get a free ticket as an additional incentive.

Luckyblock jackpot information

Because the product is allowed free access, it is not subject to UK Gambling Commission and other regulatory scrutiny in other countries. Prize draw market is worth more than $300 billion globally, and Lucky Block wants to be a part of it with its creative and transparent product.

Additional NFT Prize Draw Launch

With the beginning of the main prize draw, NFT daily drawings will also be launched. In order to be eligible for this giveaway, you must possess one of the 10,000 unique Platinum Rollers Club NFTs that were produced.

The NFT’s uniqueness stems from its ability to be used as a perpetual entry ticket for the NFT’s daily drawings. Also, all NFT owners will be placed into a random draw for a $1 million prize.

Luckyblock NFT on NFTLaunchpad

LuckyBlock Platinum Rollers Club NFT on NFTLaunchPad Website

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When the main draw begins in mid-May, the $1 million prize will be given away in conjunction with the start of the NFT daily draw. At a ‘buy now’ price of 3.75 Wrapped BNB (WBNB), Platinum Rollers Club members have an incredible opportunity of becoming an overnight billionaire.

How to Participate in the Prize Draw

The first-ever $2 million prize pool as well as a separate $1 million NFT jackpot award will take place on May 31st, according to the new dates. To participate in any or both events, individuals need to purchase an NFT ticket – or purchase LBLOCK tokens to get a free entry into the bigger draw. On the day of writing this article, the current Lucky Block price is $0.002216 USD, with $446,716 USD in trading activity in the last 24 hours.

LuckyBlock NFT token buy

Detailed process on How to buy LBLOCK token on the website

The odds of an NFT winning are 1 in 10,000.  There have only been around a fourth of the 10,000 Lucky Block NFTs acquired so far, enhancing the odds of winning the NFT jackpot since only those who own them are eligible to win it. After all 10,000 NFTs are sold, a Lamborghini sports vehicle will be the first prize in a second NFT jackpot planned by Lucky Block.

Those who buy a ticket without NFT or LBLOCK tokens will get a reward pool based on the 2% of the main Lucky Block prize pool. The prize pool is presently at $2.2 million, according to the developers’ BScScan data.

The Unique Games Gallery

The giveaway drawings will be accompanied by a gallery of raffles for digital and tangible products, such as NFTs or watches. Some countries may not be able to access the Games Gallery’s geo-targeted Play-to-Earn games of chance, which are based on local rules. Games like Keno, Mahjong, and Pai Gow will be included.

Luckyblock NFT game play

Starting with Lucky Block’s main jackpot prize draw, the value proposition of the family of goods the project is introducing demonstrates its ambition as it aims to break into the top 100 cryptos. The project has already become an important participant in boxing sponsorship thanks to an aggressive marketing effort that seeks to target the sports-interest audience to whom the sorts of games and gifts it is giving will be attractive.

Among the fighters, Lucky Block sponsors are Dillian Whyte, Florian Marku, and Savannah Marshall, and the company expects to add even more well-known and rising stars to its roster in the near future.

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Your capital is at risk.

What Makes Lucky Block unique?

Developers at Lucky Block are able to considerably boost the transparency of the lottery process by shifting it to the blockchain. The Lucky Block platform, in contrast to regional and national lotteries, allows players from all over the globe to join in the fun.

Another noteworthy shift brought about by Lucky Block is the regularity with which prizes are awarded. It has daily prize drawings, as opposed to the weekly or biweekly drawings held by the majority of large lottery companies. Lucky Block becomes a viable alternative to the outdated methods as a result of this increased likelihood of winning for each participant.

Every aspect of Lucky Block’s mission is dedicated to charitable causes. This is why there would be a 10% donation to charity from each prize pool, with a significant donation to the British Red Cross already made by developers. Lucky Block’s stakeholders will be able to have a beneficial influence on local and national communities as the platform increases in size, and these donations are expected to increase in frequency.

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Lucky Block – Our Recommended NFT for 2022

Lucky Block
  • New Crypto Games Platform
  • Featured in Forbes, Nasdaq.com, Yahoo Finance
  • Worldwide Competitions with Play to Earn Rewards
  • 10,000 NFTs Minted in 2022 – Now on NFTLaunchpad.com
  • 3.75 wBNB Floor Price
  • Free Exclusive Entry to Daily NFT Prize Draws
  • Lifetime Access to the Main Lucky Block Prize Draw
  • $1 Million NFT Jackpot in May 2022
  • LBLOCK Token Up 1000%+ From Presale

Lucky Block

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.


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