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Money Man is a musical artist that has been creating new songs for well over ten years. He has now found an opportunity to create a new venture – one that combines his love of music and crypto.

Money Man and His Growing Crypto Status

When he was young, Money Man says he was sure he would either fall into a path of music or entrepreneurship. It looks like he’s done both, and he’s now introducing a new visual EP known as Whale Games. The product highlights the term “whale,” which is a person that owns a lot of crypto and has made their legacy through this new and developing space. They often hold so much of a specific crypto that they can manipulate its value.

Money Man commented:

I’m manipulating everything. I got people turning vegan because I rap about being vegan. I got people buying bitcoin because I rap about bitcoin. I picked this title because we’re about to start dictating life.

Money Man was initially under contract with Cash Money Records in 2019. However, he made enough in the crypto space that he was eventually able to buy out his contract and thus begin producing music independently, which he has been doing now for the past three years.

Not long ago, the rapper garnered a $1 million crypto advance for his work with EMPIRE. CEO Ghazi Shami said the move was likely to play a huge role in how artists can control their earnings in the future. Shami said:

Money’s the driver. I’m just the GPS. He punches in the coordinates. I give him some shortcuts, try to keep him from crashing, [and] get him to his destination safely and in style, but ultimately, he’s the driver, and that’s why we have a good partnership – because I don’t infringe on his creativity. I let him do what he does best.

Money Man also described what it was that caused him to take music so seriously. He said:

I stopped doing music and I started putting in work. [I] started hustling and making money. Once I got the money, that’s what made me take the music seriously, because I started spending money on it. I can’t let this money go to waste. If I’m putting thousands or hundreds of thousands into my music, I don’t want to just blow the money. I need to put work in to make sure that money counts and accounts for making itself back times three, four.

A Good Time Thus Far

Overall, his experience with EMPIRE has been solid. He mentioned:

EMPIRE is a partnership, so once you prepare everything, they pretty much take it to the next level. You take it from one to six to seven and they can take it from seven to ten, and that’s the icing on the cake.

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