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Android has plans to issue alerts to users before older apps access their photos.

Google is working on methods to notify Android users of malicious applications trying to access their media files.

The tech giant said Android’s upcoming 13 OS is slated to come equipped with the feature sometime by the end of this year.

Some users can test the new tool via Android 13 Beta 3, which was released on Wednesday.

Android prides itself on two main areas of importance: Privacy and security, the company said in a statement.

And this new upgrade draws on both of those areas to help users protect their media storage from old apps.

“With Android 13, we’ve built on our core themes of privacy and security, developer productivity, and tablet and large screen support,” Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Android, said.

Burke noted that there’s “a lot to explore in Android 13 from privacy features like the new notification permission and photo picker to productivity features.”

This new upgrade not only protects photo privacy, but also allows for more permission settings and app compatibility.
This new upgrade protects photo privacy and allows for more permission settings and app compatibility.
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More permission settings

Another new feature for Android 13 includes users getting a heads-up when apps try to post notifications by default.

The Android 13 system will also let users review their notification settings by simply tapping on a notification.

App compatibility

Android said in its statement that it focused heavily on ‘App compatibility’ for 13 OS.

This means that an app developed for a previous OS “runs as intended on a new version of the platform,” Android explained.

“With each release, we make integral changes to the platform that improve privacy and security and the overall user experience across the OS.”

“To test your app for compatibility, just install your production app from Google Play or another source onto a device running Android 13 Beta 3.”

Other updates will focus on tablet and large screen products running Android and on overall platform stability.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission. 


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