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Binance – the largest and most popular crypto exchange in the world – has added Jarek Jakubcek to its team as the new head of intelligence and investigations for Asia-Pacific. As a leading global expert in cybercrime and a former crypto specialist in Europol’s cybercrime division, Jakubcek will likely bring a hefty amount of knowledge to the table – knowledge that can be utilized to ensure everyone’s digital assets remain safe and out of enemy hands.

Binance Hires Jarek Jakubcek

In a statement, Jakubcek commented:

With its growing role in the industry comes growing responsibility, which Binance is taking the lead on. This is evidenced by Binance’s ongoing support of law enforcement investigations and recent strategic moves, including hiring an impressive team of key personnel in both its investigations and compliance teams. I am proud to join Binance and work alongside the most experienced and talented team within the blockchain industry, including former law enforcement colleagues. It will be our duty to ensure efficient cooperation with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in the detection and prevention of criminal activities. Together, we will be stamping out illicit activities from the blockchain ecosystem and ensure that Binance remains the safest exchange in the world.

Tigran Gambaryan – the global head of intelligence and investigations at Binance – also threw in a few words about Jakubcek’s hiring and said:

Jarek is a hugely impressive cybercrime expert with connections to law enforcement agencies all over the world. His role will be pivotal in ensuring that Binance works effectively with police and prosecutors to keep the Binance ecosystem and wider crypto industry secure. As the world’s leading exchange, Binance is totally committed to take the lead on crypto security.

Jarek is all set to take down malicious actors in the crypto space in conjunction with law enforcement agencies. While serving at EC3 for seven years, he offered operational and strategic support for some of the largest crypto investigations to occur. He also led an international crypto anti-crime base that included hundreds of law enforcement agents from all around the world.

Having Worked Throughout the World

EC3 opened its doors in the year 2014, and Jarek was a member not long after that. Since the beginning, he has been part of Europol’s attempts to thwart crypto crime and seek out those who would target exchanges, their customers, and their money. Before working with Europol, Jarek spent more than five years in Ireland’s national police and security service. While there, he was given awards for his use of OSINT technologies.

Having worked and lived throughout the globe, Jarek spent much of his life in five separate countries. He has also earned two separate MSc degrees. Some of the cases he’s investigated have involved the dark web, corporate hacks, phishing incidents, kidnappings, money laundering, and investment fraud.

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