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It is important to maintain track of price movements, market capitalization, trading volumes, and any other developments related to your crypto investment to take good trading decisions.

Many users could not make the most out of cryptocurrencies and NFTs as they don’t keep track of their holdings. That is why, here we recommend you the top five websites to track crypto and NFT related statistics.

Top 5 Websites to Track Crypto and NFT Stats

1. NFT Crypto

NFT Crypto is a platform that is passionate about making NFT Trades simple. The platform uses Telegram to provide buying or selling signals to the NFT community. In order to guarantee long-term consistent returns for investors, NFT Crypto intends to provide a simple automatic NFT signal system.

As of now, the investors have to do research, track the stats and keep themselves glued to the computer screen to flip NFTs for a profit. This is where the website takes away all the pain from the customer’s side.

It does it by merely requesting consumers to deposit money and then handing it over to the algorithms. The system has the capability of finding the most lucrative flips, monitoring the top moving NFTs, and doing similar tasks, and then taking appropriate action.

how to use NFT signals

It is also important to keep in mind that this company is giving away a month’s worth of free NFT signals to customers who buy the £75 subscription. The product is effective, and it has already generated profits for its users of £319k, or more than $380,000.

With its smart service and signal packages, NFT trading is now more accessible than it has ever been. It seeks to make it possible for ordinary folks to profit from the NFT market.

Other than that, NFT Crypto also provides its users’ guidance regarding how to become an NFT artist, top NFT trends, leading NFT platforms, how to list NFTs, and a lot more.

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2. CoinCodex

The most comprehensive platform for monitoring cryptocurrency market data is CoinCodex. It provides extensive information on more than 6,000 coins, price charts, and information on more than 201 exchanges, all of which let investors get real-time values of many cryptocurrencies.

It uses crucial variables including the live price, market cap, 24-hour volume, 24-hour price range, ICO price, return on investment, and other analytical tools to holistically assess price activity. To make it easy to understand patterns, Detailed line charts or candlestick charts or graphs are also used.

You may monitor the worth of your cryptocurrency investments instantaneously with the portfolio tool. It helps in assessing your crypto holdings and evaluating which coins are doing the best.


Then there is the presence of a simple ‘watchlist tool’ which makes it easy to focus on selected cryptos and monitor their price movements.

Finally, a broad overview of the cryptocurrency industry is given in the market overview section. There is more to cryptocurrency than just price movement.

The CoinCodex ensures that you stay updated on the most recent issues in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries with its newsfeed.

3. eToro

Another platform that one can use for tracking live price data of cryptocurrencies is eToro. eToro is a major international cryptocurrency platform regulated by FCA and allows users to trade in cryptocurrencies, exchange-traded securities, forex, and a lot more.

It has over 3,000 tradeable commodities and is also known as a ‘social trading’ platform because it has a ‘feeds’ section where investors can discuss about the ongoing activities in the crypto world. While not everything talked in the section should be relied upon, it serves a good place for general knowledge about crypto market.

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etoro tracking cryptos


The ‘daily movers’ section of eToro is used by traders to keep track of the top performing crypto assets of the day. The platform also features a separate section for trending cryptos that provide updates related to the price movement of cryptos, which are accelerating among investors right now.

The ‘By Market Cap’ section of this platform provides live data regarding the market capitalization of various crypto assets

Apart from the tracking tools, users can also use Smart Portfolios and CopyTrading tools that make the whole process of trading ‘automated’. We suggest reading our piece to get a detailed overview of the two mentioned tools.

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4. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a well-known crypto tracker platform that keeps its users updated with the status of more than 11,000 crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, and a lot more. For many crypto investors, this platform is the first they visit whenever some info about any crypto is required.

Coinmarketcap tells the info about the coin, such as ‘on which exchanges it’s available’, the current market cap, the circulating supply and many others.


Users can set up a cryptocurrency alarm signal for their investment tracker or preferred coin stats. By using this crypto alert feature, they will be informed when their goals for the price of the cryptocurrency are reached.

Apart from this, users can also make a watchlist of their favourite cryptocurrency prices and coin statistics. With the most recent values for Bitcoin, altcoins, and tokens, users can keep records of their cryptocurrency holdings using CoinMarketCap’s portfolio tracker.

Overall, the combination of simple UI and apt features make it a must for knowing about crypto-related stuff.

5. CoinGecko

The year 2014 saw the establishment of the Singapore-based business CoinGecko by TM Lee and Bobby Ong. This independent cryptocurrency data aggregator provides statistics about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, live prices, graphs, market capitalization, portfolios, tools, and other updates.

With CoinGecko, you may also accumulate free daily candies to use toward special incentives like NFTs, certificates, discounts, and much more. The CoinGecko user interface is relatively simple to use. Icons are effectively used throughout the interface, making it simpler for users to navigate through changes.

On CoinGecko, you can monitor the values of over 10,000 cryptocurrencies in more than 50 currencies. Additionally, indicators like the total supply, market cap, price graph, past results chart, and 24-hour activity may all be tracked.

Coingecko review

You can also use GeckoTerminal, CoinGecko’s complete multichain on-chain charting platform, which is presently in beta and offers real-time graphs, trades, market-related updates, and much more! On both Android and iOS, you can follow cryptocurrencies and its related updates using the CoinGecko mobile app.

Overall, these were the top websites that can be used by users to keep track of their crypto and NFT-related updates. As crypto market is volatile in nature, it is always advisable to make your investment after doing proper background research.

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