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These guys host amazing events!! Don't miss out will 100% be using them again can only describe them as incredible! Thanks again!

Dylan S

Wave goodbye to the old school scavenger hunts! This just went to a new level.... these events are amazing, you have a chance to win incredible prizes while having too much fun! These are very well organised and hosted b a bunch of legends! Very well done.

Richard V

Have had fun days out with their events and scavenger hunts. Great to have the opportunity to win big prizes (whilst having fun!).

Jason V

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    Colorado Sportscat & Seadoo 

    Frequently asked questions

    Crypto Competitions is an Australian global web3 marketplace connecting members with local merchants by offering discounts up to 60% off across 10 countries and opportunities to win life changing prizes and unique experiences each month.

    Yes. Each competition is free to enter. Simply send a postcard with your name, email and the competition you wish to enter to PO BOX 851, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880. Each person is allowed 1 post card entry per person, per competition. 

    Winners are selected at random using a random number generator from all eligible entrants for each competition.

    17th October 2022

    In our terms and conditions we have a policy where if we sell 70% of entries then we will close the draw early. Once our draws hit 70% sold we then have 72 hours to end the draw. This is our way of supporting our customers and giving fairer odds.

    No we don’t require you to be a member to enter our competitions. You can purchase any once off package.

    However members and NFT holders are further incentivised through additional rewards, accumulating entries and more. It really pays to be a member.

    You will receive access to our membership platform which gives you instant access to up to 500,000 exclusive discounts, coupons and rewards to use in over 10 countries. Check out our rewards here.

    You will also receive daily rewards based on how many NFTs you’re currently holding.

    You will get access to our education platform. 

    You will also get accumulating entries each month into each eligible competition giving you greater chances of winning. 

    You will get VIP access to our events.

    Yes if you don’t want to redeem the prize you can opt for a cash option.

    Yes our products are able to be purchased from anywhere in Australia.

    This is limited to just 6000 entrants.

    Yes each package is a once off payment.

    We choose to support many charities.

    Our giving is a setup a little bit differently.

    All charities we support pass on 90% of the money they raise to their cause and are rated high in terms of financial health, accountability, and transparency

    We also support individuals in need.

    If you know someone thats in need send us an email at and we’ll see if we can help!

    Firstly we are a company thats registered with an ABN 55146279327


    Secondly you can enter our competitions for free. If you’re concerned to pay or enter then simply send a post card with your name, email, phone number and the competition you wish to enter to PO Box 851, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880 and you will receive 1 free entry. 

    Finally you may of seen our founders face as he’s previously been a founder of The Supreme Society and also a Co- Founder of Motor Culture UK and worked with Motor Culture Australia.

    These 3 brands have a lot of trust and recognition within the industry. You can trust that we’re going to bring the same level of quality with increased trust and more transparency. 


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